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Seasons form a natural backdrop for the foods we eat and the celebrations we enjoy. Seasonal food is always interesting, as each season brings a new crop of foods that you haven't had for an entire year. Stay warm this season with our featured foods and events.

Shaved Brussels Sprout & Apple Salad

Arugula, brussels sprouts, dried cherry, turkey bacon, walnut, apple & blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette with crisp pita.

Aphrodite Wrap

Mindful wrap with beet hummus, potato cauliflower salad, arugula, artichokes, spiced walnuts & cumin pickled vegetables.

Italian Wedding Soup

Homemade turkey meatballs and spinach simmered in chicken broth and fresh herbs topped with orzo pasta.

Chicken Verde Pizzetta

Oven-fired flatbread, tomatillo sauce, chicken, roast chile & onion. Topped with avocado, Pico de Gallo & chipotle crema.

Mindful Patty Melt Plate

Flatbread pattymelt wedge, roasted lemon parsley potato wedges & side salad.

Farmhouse Omelet

Cage-free egg whites, spiced up with a black bean burger & veggies and served with fresh fruit.

Ginger Pear Crisp

Bulgar wheat, buckwheat, red rice, quinoa flakes, flaxseed, pear & ginger topped with oat crumble; baked until golden.

Cranberry Chocolate Oat Square

Oat, bulgar, buckwheat, red rice, quinoa flakes, flaxseed, dried cranberry & chocolate chip baked brownie style.

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